And now pics from the day we got up at the asscrack of dawn noon to go shopping with LH's and Elm's sister.

On the road...

Pretty scenery!

Out the window.

We in the middle of a fields.

A bump. Got carried away in Photoshop and enhanced the color.

Wish it had REALLY been these colors...

This monument/statue/whatever is fugly. Not just ugly, but fugly. It was a waste of time, space, and money. But oh well, what's done is done!


There are a million pennies in there. Pretty neat, huh?

A castle-y structure that serves as a hotel and a grocery store.

A rich guy's garden. I think he owns the huge-ass shopping center or something?

Unicorns in the garden. Statues anyway. Okaaay...

Cows! Takin' a nap. We stopped and turned around to get pictures of them.

They're so cuteeee! Milk cows. :D

LH's and Elm's mom's backyard garden. Took these pictures to show to MY mother, who also likes gardens!

Very nice.

Yup, a table. Pretty!

Now I feel a migraine coming on, so it's bedtime for me. *thud*


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